Small Starter Bundle with Fibre Insert


1964 in stock (can be backordered)


This Bundle consists of TWO individual 6-port Sergeant Clips SGT6 AND TWO 12 port Sergeant Clips SGT12 with fibre insert allowing you to get a couple of each clip in one easy to order bundle.  Ideal for anyone evaluating the Sergeant Clip with fibre insert!

Each individual clip will secure up to 6 or up to 12 multimode or single mode fibre cables, protecting the fibres with a custom made cushioned foam insert while keeping them in the correct order, making removal and replacing patch cables simple, cost effective and manual error free. Another added bonus is the reduction and simplification of documentation.

This bundle will help you remove manual error and mitigate risk whilst reducing documentation, downtime, and re-patching time/cost by up to 75% per 24 port switch.

See also our Larger Starter Bundle, which provides four of each clip.