Sergeant Clip in IT Services (Branch estate)

How many times have you had a partial or even a full site down, such as a Retail outlet, bank branch, office floor/block because the switch or firewall was patched incorrectly on replacement due to upgrade or failure.

This is now even more prevalent due to the segregated PCI/DSS zones in stores, FSA regulations in banks and every business under the sun wanting 99.999% uptime. This needs to be done correctly, first time, with as little downtime as possible.

The Sergeant Clip was designed exactly for this reason and can remove manual error by keeping the cables in the correct order and making re-patching in the correct order foolproof. 

From a recent survey we found out a UK based IT services company replace approximately 20 switches and/or firewalls, per week.

An example of how it could work and save them time and money immediately is as follows:

Taking an estimate of 1 hour per swap out, which on average takes longer (to identify, produce or confirm documentation, un-patch, replace, re-patch, re-config) the simple sums add up as follows:

Current Cost: 20 hours x £20 = £400 a week (£20800 a year) – based on a skilled engineer earning £20 an hour

Lets say the same UK based IT services company supports 2500 locations and they use and leave in situ 1 clip in each location on the key site firewalls.

For a one off cost of under 50% of one engineers time that company could flood the estate and start realising all of the benefits the Sergeant clip can offer (Note: Larger volumes will be subject to discount).

They would get all of the benefits mentioned above, reduced downtime, mitigate any risk in patching errors, simlpify documentation, reduce ongoing engineer time for swap outs by 75% approx, and eradicate re-visits for incorrect re-patching.

They could reduce costs even more by sending less skilled staff as the Sergeant clip does the majority of the hard work!

They – could be YOU!

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