What can happen when your network goes down?

‪We know that not all network outages are hardware failures or down to mis-patching errors, but this is the carnage that can ensue when your network goes down.‬

‪A prime example of why a couple of dollars to deploy SergeantClips at the network edge is a wise investment…‬


SergeantClips on Amazon.ca (Canada) and Worldwide export from Amazon.com

We are very excited to announce that the SergeantClip bundles that are currently available on Amazon.com (fulfilled by Amazon in the United States which means super fast delivery within the US, and FREE Shipping to Amazon Prime members), will also soon be available on Amazon.ca (Canada) with the same great speedy internal shipping options and FREE shipping to Amazon Prime members!

Also we are pleased to announce that due to extremely high demand for the SergeantClip, Amazon.com want to export worldwide from Amazon.com (US) fulfilment centres in the very near future (end-April 2018).

Also due to high demand and unprecedented requests we will be looking to expand our Amazon FBA presence in 2018 throughout Amazon distribution centres across North and South America, Europe, Australia and all across the globe so that our valued SergeantClip customers worldwide can all benefit from low (or FREE) shipping charges and speedy delivery!

SergeantClip Excited to be recommended in Networking Plus Magazine

We are over the moon to have just been recommended as a great tool in one of the UKs top IT and Networking Magazines: Networking Plus

Please head over to the online copy of the January magazine and check out the “Off the shelf” section on page 14.

January Edition: Networking Plus Magazine

SergeantClips for sale on Amazon US – with FREE Shipping for Prime members

SergeantClips are now available on Amazon US, fulfilled by Amazon. Which means super fast delivery within the US and significantly reduced shipping rates.

They are even shipped FREE to anyone with an Amazon Prime membership.

Once again, please spread the word to your friends and colleagues on this huge step forward to make SergeantClips more accessible in the United States, and help us make the SergeantClip a standard deployment wherever there are cables that need managed!


Mark Costigan
Inventor of SergeantClip

New reduced prices!

We have been working hard with our suppliers behind the scenes and have secured a significant reduction in our manufacturing costs.

So, we are passing the reduction on directly to you guys.
We hope this will make it even easier to justify to your Finance guys why the SergeantClips make so much sense, especially now they are nearly half the price!

Techies know they are brilliant, so come on Finance you’d be silly not to let your techies install them as standard. Surely you want to make your business long term cost savings, and even save you money that you didn’t even know you were spending while benefiting from significantly reduced downtime and patching errors!

Thanks to all of our customers and SergeantClip champions for your support up to now, we hope the reduction in price make SergeantClips even more appealing to you and your businesses going forward.

Please keep spreading the word!


Mark Costigan
Inventor of SergeantClip