Here we have collated some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the SergeantClip.

We will amend this list over time, so please feel free to come back and visit again if you have any questions.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us!

Q: Will the SergeantClip fit my Cable?

A: The current version of the SergeantClip  fits all Twisted Pair cables generally available on the market, including Cat3, Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6, and Cat6A.

Q: How quickly can I expect to receive my order?

A: Assuming we have sufficient stocks, We aim to dispatch orders within 48 hours of receipt, and the postage service we normally use will take 2-3 days in the UK.  Overseas orders will of course take longer.  We will always aim to let you know if stock levels are low via our online shop before you place an order.

Q: Why has nobody thought of this before?

A: A very good question, and not one we can explain!  We think our SergeantClip is an extremely simple and elegant solution to a problem, and we’re glad we thought of it first!

Q: What about a version of the SergeantClip for …….

A: We have a number of exciting ideas for development of the SergeantClip product range in the future, please watch this space!

Q: You are a British Company.  Do you deliver Overseas?  What about International Payments?

A: We will dispatch to destinations worldwide.  You can pay us via our PayPal service using a Credit or Debit card in your local currency, and all currency exchange is taken care of by Paypal.

Q: I would like to bulk-buy your product for resale, is this possible?

A: Please Contact Us to discuss the options.

Q: You take payments via PayPal, but I want to pay with Credit Card.  Can you support this?

A: Yes, we can take Credit Cards via PayPal, you do not need to have a PayPal account.  Simply proceed through the checkout and click the “Pay with Credit Card” option on the PayPal screen.

Q: Do you offer a discount for Educational/Government/Other entities?

A: Our product is already priced extremely competitively, however we may be able to offer a discount based on the Volume and Frequency of purchase.  Please Contact Us with your requirements and we’ll see what we can do!

Q: Can I buy the SergeantClip anywhere else?

A: We are currently looking to expand our sales channels, and it is currently possible to procure our Clips via Amazon UK.  We are continually reviewing this arrangement however.

Q: Do you accept anything other than payment via Paypal?

A: We accept funds either by Credit Card or Paypal payment via Paypal itself.  For those that wish to pay via another route, we have enabled direct BACS payment as a settlement method in our online shop.  Please note that orders will still need to be placed through our on-line shop, however goods will not be dispatched until we receive full payment for your order.