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SergeantClips for sale on Amazon US – with FREE Shipping for Prime members

SergeantClips are now available on Amazon US, fulfilled by Amazon. Which means super fast delivery within the US and significantly reduced shipping rates.

They are even shipped FREE to anyone with an Amazon Prime membership.

Once again, please spread the word to your friends and colleagues on this huge step forward to make SergeantClips more accessible in the United States, and help us make the SergeantClip a standard deployment wherever there are cables that need managed!


Mark Costigan
Inventor of SergeantClip

New reduced prices!

We have been working hard with our suppliers behind the scenes and have secured a significant reduction in our manufacturing costs.

So, we are passing the reduction on directly to you guys.
We hope this will make it even easier to justify to your Finance guys why the SergeantClips make so much sense, especially now they are nearly half the price!

Techies know they are brilliant, so come on Finance you’d be silly not to let your techies install them as standard. Surely you want to make your business long term cost savings, and even save you money that you didn’t even know you were spending while benefiting from significantly reduced downtime and patching errors!

Thanks to all of our customers and SergeantClip champions for your support up to now, we hope the reduction in price make SergeantClips even more appealing to you and your businesses going forward.

Please keep spreading the word!


Mark Costigan
Inventor of SergeantClip

The positivity keeps on flowing…

We saw referrals from a random site and wondered why. When I went for a look I saw another fantastic positive write up about he SergeantClip form Kyle Heath. Brilliant stuff. You can read Kyles’s blog here:

SergeantClip Inventor in the News

Our very own Mark Costigan, inventor of the SergeantClip has been in the news this week. Please check some of the links below to see why:

Network Cable Management

The SergeantClip is a new and innovative product for all data centre, infrastructure and networking arenas. SergeantClips are cost effective and easy to use network cable management tools that significantly reduce the cost, time and risk associated with switch, blade, and server replacement or re-patching.

  • Reduces downtime
  • Significantly reduces time and cost
  • Vastly reduces engineer time & re-visits by up to 75%
  • Removes human error
  • Mitigates risk
  • Eliminates mis-patching
  • Simplifies documentation

Easy To Use
The SergeantClip adds a physical security layer to your Network projects by eliminating the chance for mis-patching following switch replacements or upgrades.

Saves Time & Money
The SergeantClip is a cost effective product that simplifies projects and emergency changes and will easily pay for itself many time over on its first us.

Order Online
Order your SergeantClips and cables through our easy to use online shop. Fast Delivery.

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Here’s some feedback from just some of our customers…

Interview with SergeantClip Inventor Mark Costigan

Head over to to checkout an awesome interview with our very own SergeantClip Inventor – Mark Costigan.
Issue 26 (Pages 20-23) contain a great interview which give details of how the SergeantClip idea was conceived, it’s plans for world domination and a few other interesting facts about Mark himself. Well worth a read!

Thanks to Wayne Groves – Editor at NEOnlineMagazine for the interview.

Branching out into audio/visual!

Thanks to our partners over at Blaydon Communications, we are branching out into cable management for audio and visual arenas.
Wherever there are cables to be kept in order, structured and tidy – SergeantClip has a place!
Good luck to Blaydon Communications and we hope our new partnership can help you and your customers in your daily struggles.

Head over to their site to take a look:
Blaydon Communications’ SergeantClip Store