New reduced prices!

We have been working hard with our suppliers behind the scenes and have secured a significant reduction in our manufacturing costs.

So, we are passing the reduction on directly to you guys.
We hope this will make it even easier to justify to your Finance guys why the SergeantClips make so much sense, especially now they are nearly half the price!

Techies know they are brilliant, so come on Finance you’d be silly not to let your techies install them as standard. Surely you want to make your business long term cost savings, and even save you money that you didn’t even know you were spending while benefiting from significantly reduced downtime and patching errors!

Thanks to all of our customers and SergeantClip champions for your support up to now, we hope the reduction in price make SergeantClips even more appealing to you and your businesses going forward.

Please keep spreading the word!


Mark Costigan
Inventor of SergeantClip