SergeantClip’s New Website…

Hello there, thanks for visiting!

We are very excited to release our new website on the world!

We have had this product in development for over 2 years now, and our previous website did a great job at confirming there is a need for this product out there. Without really trying to promote we have sold hundreds of our clips in over 7 countries, across 3 continents Worldwide. This new website will help us get the message out there first time, explaining what it can do for you and your businesses/customers clearly and concisely.

The SergeantClips have received lots of amazing feedback since we launched the business late in 2013 and we can’t wait for the world to understand what a simple and effective product we have, and what it can do for your businesses and customers, not just the IT department.

We know that our SergeantClips can save so much downtime, issues, re-visits, time, effort, simplify documentation, and so much more.

I mean, who likes downtime? And issues? No-one, exactly!

Who likes simplicity, guaranteed switch replacements with minimal downtime, simpler documentation, another layer of security at the network edge, and much more? Everyone, exactly!

We have many plans we are excited about including extending the SergeantClip range with various other configurations, but we’ll discuss that in a future post! 😉

Welcome to our new home and our news update, which we will feed into regularly. We hope you like what we have to offer!

Mark Costigan