SergeantClip Fibre cable management – NOW AVAILABLE!

Hello everyone,

As promised a few months back the fibre versions of the SergeantClips were coming soon…

Well, we have now launched the SergeantClips with fibre insert, so you can manage your fibre infrastructure cabling with the same efficiency you could with your copper.

Sergeantclip fibre cable management uses the same chassis’ as the standard copper clips, but with the addition of a resilient cushioned foam insert which grips, protects and cushions your fibre cables providing a great, safe and secure fit.

With consolidated, converged data centers, cloud and big data on the rise – there are more and more fibre cables in our DCs providing high speed network backbone connections from switches and routers to servers, storage area networks (SANS), blade chassis and other infrastructure.

The new Sergeantclips help ease the burden with all those cables allowing for tidy, airflow efficient cable management which will simplify management, documentation and just generally relieve a headache.

Get your SergeantClip fibre cable management now from our shop.