Testimonials from Happy Customers!

Brilliant device, I have swapped out switches and other network devices for years and if only I had this when I did....

Simple to use and very robust, a must have for any engineers toolkit!

Dave McNutt

I only found your sergeant clip product a few days ago. Firstly It is the best invention in our industry I have seen in many many years. You really have created a time saving, easy to use and cheap to buy tool.

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Kyle Heath
via LinkedIn

Replacing 2-3 Cisco L2/L3 switches in ~50 sites can be extremely time consuming when cables need to be replaced in the exact order due to port/VLAN configs. The Clips are a huge time saver. Every Network Admin should have a set!

K Agnew. USA

It was a dark and stormy Halloween night and a networking engineer was stuck in a data center facing a Mission Impossible project: replace a failing Cat6500 with a brand-new Nexus 7000. Shouldn’t have been a problem, if only the cables were labeled.

Sums up perfectly why all DCs need SergeantClips:

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Ivan Pepelnjak

I am very pleased with my clips and they help me swap out the customer switches in no time, versus taking the time to label every cable at 2AM.

Jeff loved his clips and even found an ingenious way to store them, read how:

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A.K.A. Fryguy (Twitter @fryguy_pa)

The Sergeant clip is a beautifully simple cable management tool that holds a group of cables together…it could save you a lot of time and effort.

Louis Courau wrote a small review about the clips in his blog, you can find it here:

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Louis Courau

After years of patching cables from here, there and everywhere we eventually got round to installing a new CAT6 network. Our biggest problem was still people messing about with patch leads but this was resolved with your clips. You’ve saved us time and money and massively decreased our downtime. Our documentation also matches the real world now so we can easily keep track of our network infrastructure.
Superb and innovative product; we will definitely be telling everyone all about you!

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Paul Dougherty
Director, North East Time Recorders Limited.

I used the Sergeant Clips to replace some heavily populated Cisco 2960’s with 3750’s during a recent upgrade. Because I didn’t have to identify and document each individual cable, I was able to replace 3 switches in a Data Centre in under an hour. This would normally have taken me at least an hour per switch. I will be using my clips again and will definitely recommend them to companies I contract for in the future.

Edward has done contract work for multiple FTSE 100 Companies.

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Independent Network Consultant/Engineer, UK.

The Sergeant Clips performed wonderfully with my wiring closet swap outs I did back in December. It saved us a tremendous amount of time…I am very pleased with the product and will continue to use it going forward as well as recommend it to others. Thanks for making this product!

Matthew also wrote about his experiences on his own blog at:

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BEDROC, Tennessee. United States.

…our network technicians are loving the end result of this product. They have been a life saver in the upgrade project we have been engaged in over the last several months.

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Crystal Sutton
Kansas University Medical Centre, Kansas City, United States.

SergeantClip tames patch cable messes with simplicity!

I like em, and can absolutely recommend that you have a look at them for yourself.

Lee also wrote an article about our clips which you can read here:

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Lee Badman
A.K.A. Wirednot, New York, United States

We are always looking for feedback and testimonials or links to blogs from our customers showing how the Sergeantclip saved them money or time. We would appreciate hearing your comments, and hearing about those innovative way of using the Sergeantclip.  Please send us your feedback by e-mail to: website@sergeantclip.com