They’ve forgotten the basics!

We think that there is one big thing missing from today’s data centres and switch/blade/firewall infrastructure.

Everyone is up on the technology such as convergence, unified comms, unified fabric, virtualisation and cloud computing, but many have forgotten the basic infrastructure cabling underpinning it is key to it all.

“Cloud” is after all nothing but a data centre or six, and those data centre’s all have loads and loads of network cabling.

Modern data centres are growing in complexity and scale.  Many enterprises have outsourced the operation of their critical data centre infrastructure, which likely means multiple tenants, shared premises and infrastructure, all of which add to the chance that somewhere along the line, someone will unplug the wrong cable, or worse still, plug the wrong one in and cause a security incident.

Keeping all of that cabling in order can be a huge pain – ongoing management, documentation, support, replacing hardware for fix or upgrade. Including too much downtime when failures happen or incorrect patching takes place.

One simple invention can take away all the pain and remove an age old problem!

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