They’ve forgotten the basics!

We think that there is one big thing missing from today’s data centres and switch/blade/firewall infrastructure.

Everyone is up on the technology such as convergence, unified comms, unified fabric, virtualisation and cloud computing, but many have forgotten the basic infrastructure cabling underpinning it is key to it all.

“Cloud” is after all nothing but a data centre or six, and those data centre’s all have loads and loads of network cabling.

Modern data centres are growing in complexity and scale.  Many enterprises have outsourced the operation of their critical data centre infrastructure, which likely means multiple tenants, shared premises and infrastructure, all of which add to the chance that somewhere along the line, someone will unplug the wrong cable, or worse still, plug the wrong one in and cause a security incident.

Keeping all of that cabling in order can be a huge pain – ongoing management, documentation, support, replacing hardware for fix or upgrade. Including too much downtime when failures happen or incorrect patching takes place.

One simple invention can take away all the pain and remove an age old problem!

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Cable Management – SergeantClip

Following a recent update to our website and an improved online presence, thanks to our ongoing SEO campaign, we are now experiencing a very healthy increase in sales. So far we have shipped our Cable Management Tool – The SergeantClip to 18 countries.

Our unique, patent pending Sergeant Clip is a must have for any IT Service centre, datacentre, office or IT professional. Cable management has never been easier. The SergeantClip reduces downtime, significantly reduces time and cost, vastly reduces engineer time & re-visits by up to 75%, removes human error, mitigates risk, eliminates mis-patching and simplifies documentation. So, the SergeantClip isn’t a cost to you or your company, it is an investment that saves money from the outset.

Get Your Cable Management in Order!
The SergeantClip – Simple, effective cable management, why wouldn’t you use them?

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SergeantClip Fibre cable management – NOW AVAILABLE!

Hello everyone,

As promised a few months back the fibre versions of the SergeantClips were coming soon…

Well, we have now launched the SergeantClips with fibre insert, so you can manage your fibre infrastructure cabling with the same efficiency you could with your copper.

Sergeantclip fibre cable management uses the same chassis’ as the standard copper clips, but with the addition of a resilient cushioned foam insert which grips, protects and cushions your fibre cables providing a great, safe and secure fit.

With consolidated, converged data centers, cloud and big data on the rise – there are more and more fibre cables in our DCs providing high speed network backbone connections from switches and routers to servers, storage area networks (SANS), blade chassis and other infrastructure.

The new Sergeantclips help ease the burden with all those cables allowing for tidy, airflow efficient cable management which will simplify management, documentation and just generally relieve a headache.

Get your SergeantClip fibre cable management now from our shop.



SergeantClip Fibre Cable Management

SergeantClips for your Fibre cable management are now in the final stages of product development.

We are planning to release the Fibre cable version of our SergeantClips in Q2 2015!

They will provide simple, effective, cushioned protective cable management for fibre cabling infrastructure.

All of those hundreds and thousands of fibre cables used in today’s hosted Cloud and converged Data Centre environments; Blade chassis, SANS, Network backbone switches, etc. Managing them will be so much more simple using our brilliant new fibre cable management tool!

If you would like any more information prior to release please contact us via the contact page.

Any cable management problems you had will become a thing of the past…watch this space!

Will NASA think SergeantClips are out of this world?

We have recently taken an order from NASA. Very exciting to think our SergeantClips may be used with some world leaders in technology.

I mean NASA, Wow!

Will they be helping out with the cabling infrastructure in Houston? So they can reduce the amount of times they hear; “Houston, we have a problem!”

Or maybe they are testing them out for use on the international space station? Engineer re-visits to that comms cabinet must be astronomical!

Who knows, but it’s very exciting! We’ll keep you posted!

SergeantClip over and out!

SergeantClip in Video!

Here’s a sneak preview of our new promotional video!  Look out for it coming to a social network near you soon!  🙂

Exciting times…

Just a quick update as to some recent events that have us smiling this week. We are very excited to have met with the CEO and CTO of Forfusion, a managed service provider based in the UK, and they were very excited about the SergeantClip. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and explaining our dreams for the product and their enthusiasm really inspired even more confidence in our product. They are trialling some clips at the minute and we hope to be supplying them and their customers in the very near future.

Check out their website for the services they offer – ran by a great leadership team.

SergeantClip’s New Website…

Hello there, thanks for visiting!

We are very excited to release our new website on the world!

We have had this product in development for over 2 years now, and our previous website did a great job at confirming there is a need for this product out there. Without really trying to promote we have sold hundreds of our clips in over 7 countries, across 3 continents Worldwide. This new website will help us get the message out there first time, explaining what it can do for you and your businesses/customers clearly and concisely.

The SergeantClips have received lots of amazing feedback since we launched the business late in 2013 and we can’t wait for the world to understand what a simple and effective product we have, and what it can do for your businesses and customers, not just the IT department.

We know that our SergeantClips can save so much downtime, issues, re-visits, time, effort, simplify documentation, and so much more.

I mean, who likes downtime? And issues? No-one, exactly!

Who likes simplicity, guaranteed switch replacements with minimal downtime, simpler documentation, another layer of security at the network edge, and much more? Everyone, exactly!

We have many plans we are excited about including extending the SergeantClip range with various other configurations, but we’ll discuss that in a future post! 😉

Welcome to our new home and our news update, which we will feed into regularly. We hope you like what we have to offer!

Mark Costigan